At The Table

The table is where we have great food, tell our stories and have important conversations. You can’t have a good friendship if you never share meals together. There is something essential to sharing food that makes us feel close to one another.

Jesus used His last meal with His disciples before His death to comfort them, reassure them, challenge them and give them a heads up as to what was coming. These were Jesus’ last words. And he made them count.

John Chapters 13-17 is sometimes called the “upper room discourse”, and is a little window into Jesus’ relationship with His disciples, His last teaching that set the stage for how they would teach others for the rest of their lives.

The Lenten season between Ash Wednesday and Easter is traditionally a time for private reflection and growing in a spiritual discipline such as prayer, fasting, etc.

Did you know that community is also a spiritual discipline that helps us grow in our walk with Christ? This Lent, we invite you to grow, to invest in community by meeting in a small group for 5 straight weeks. (If you’re used to fasting during the Lenten season, think of this as fasting from self-reliance and individualism.)

Here are two ways to participate in this community journey:

  1. All Life Communities are encouraged to meet every week for 5 weeks instead of following a bi-weekly schedule (beginning the week of Feb 22 or Mar 1, as works best for your group).
  2. Anyone not in a Life Community is invited to join a 5-week Table Group, created just for this Lenten season (beginning the week of Mar 1).

As a congregation, we’ll study John 13-17 at all of our campuses in a three-tiered approach:

  • In Sunday sermons
  • In Life Communities and Table Groups (see the weekly discussion guides and videos on this site)
  • At home in our personal daily devotions (see suggested scripture readings)

This portion of Scripture records some of Jesus’ final words before His crucifixion, the time when He and His disciples sat around the table at the Last Supper. We’ll gather together around tables, getting to know both each other and Jesus better.

You’ll see each week’s studies across the top of this page with videos and study guides for leaders. If you can’t stream to a TV or Laptop for your group, DVD’s of the studies will be available on February 22 at all 4 campuses.